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Words With Whitlock: Compensatory and Punitive Damages

When you purchase liability insurance, you don’t tend to think about the different types of liability and if they are included in the liability insurance policy you just purchased. Our last newsletter addressed professional liability versus general liability, but what do these policies really cover? There are two general areas of damages we...
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Bigger Isn’t Always Better When it Comes to Insurance

insurance Insuring your business is a decision that can’t be taken lightly. While choosing to go with a larger national broker that’s well known may sound like a good idea, smaller agencies can offer you the personalized service you won’t find with a national broker, as...
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Words With Whitlock: General Liability vs. Professional Liability

Many business owners purchase a general liability policy assuming that it covers all areas of liability. However, it only covers bodily injury and property damage with some personal injury coverage. Therefore, someone must be injured or someone’s property must be damaged before coverage applies. When a business causes a financial loss without any bodily injury...
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Many individuals shop for their homeowners insurance with only one thing in mind: finding the lowest price. Without the proper advice, those individuals will likely settle with cheap insurance that has several coverage gaps and limitations.LEARN MORE >


The Whitlock Group is a full-service, licensed agency that provides property and casualty insurance coverage both nationally and globally. Although we service clients of all sizes, our niche is medium to large companies that have a need for risk management services.LEARN MORE >

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With a team of certified Risk Managers, Loss Control Representatives, and Client Service Professionals, The Whitlock Group offers services that lower insurance costs, close gaps not covered by insurance, and improve efficiencies.LEARN MORE >