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Words With Whitlock: Why are Independent Insurance Agents Important?

We’ve all seen the commercials encouraging you to buy directly from an insurance company, and in many cases, the savings they offer by cutting out an insurance agent sound incredible. Consider GEICO for example. Their slogan “15 minutes could save you 15% on car insurance” suggests you’ll get a 15% discount by going...
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Kids Heading Off to College? Check Your Insurance

college students and insurance At this time of year, we receive a lot of questions about liability and property insurance related to a child going away to college. We know this can be a confusing topic, so we’ve put together a few highlights you might...
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Many individuals shop for their homeowners insurance with only one thing in mind: finding the lowest price. Without the proper advice, those individuals will likely settle with cheap insurance that has several coverage gaps and limitations.LEARN MORE >


The Whitlock Group is a full-service, licensed agency that provides property and casualty insurance coverage both nationally and globally. Although we service clients of all sizes, our niche is medium to large companies that have a need for risk management services.LEARN MORE >

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With a team of certified Risk Managers, Loss Control Representatives, and Client Service Professionals, The Whitlock Group offers services that lower insurance costs, close gaps not covered by insurance, and improve efficiencies.LEARN MORE >