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Words With Whitlock: General Liability vs. Professional Liability

Many business owners purchase a general liability policy assuming that it covers all areas of liability. However, it only covers bodily injury and property damage with some personal injury coverage. Therefore, someone must be injured or someone’s property must be damaged before coverage applies. When a business causes a financial loss without any bodily injury...
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Words With Whitlock: Doing the Right Thing

Our insurance audit process uncovers gaps in coverages over 90% of the time. Our efforts to fill those gaps usually result in a decrease in premiums or no change in premiums even though the coverage is increased. It is rare when we do not have the product to help our clients, but when those situations...

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Mod Master: What Exactly Is It?

New_Producy_Graphic_Full_Width The Mod Master is a new part of The Whitlock Group’s insurance audit program. While this is a huge addition to the Risk Management side of our partnership, it isn’t the easiest thing to understand. This week's edition of Words With Whitlock and our Blog of...
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Words With Whitlock

If the mod is above 1.0, then your loss history is considered worse than your industry average and if your mod is under 1.0, your losses are considered better than the industry average. Your industry is determined by the workers’ compensation classification with the highest amount of payroll.  So, if you consider yourself a manufacturer, but...
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Confused? Check Our Insurance Glossary!

Glossary_Graphic Insurance can be confusing. We aren’t trying to hide it from you. Instead, The Whitlock Group wants to help lift the veil from our industry and provide you with the tools you need to understand a complicated process. To further assist you, we created a glossary...
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Who Likes Coffee? We Do!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.20.56 AM Phoenix Roasters is a coffee roastery that roasts, packages, and sells coffee from Central America for a good cause. They are a Christian organization using coffee to make a positive impact on countless lives across the world. They describe their unique...
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Insurance: The Necessary Evil

  Necessary_Evil_Graphic (1) Unfortunately, insurance is seen as a necessary evil. From insurance agents who disappear after you buy your policy, to confusing and falsely presented contracts, insurance has garnered a bad name amongst business owners.  Insurance has evolved into a more complicated product as the business environment...
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The Whitlock Group Gives Back!

Holiday_Community_Graphic Sometimes, you have to take a step back from life and appreciate everything you have been given. This month, instead of highlighting one of our success stories, we wanted to highlight how our office has given back to our community so far throughout this Christmas season....
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