Home Warranty vs Homeowners Insurance Policy… What You Need to Know

Home Warranties and Homeowners Insurance Policies are both important ways to reduce the risk and possibly the financial burden of homeownership, but they have two entirely different purposes. Here is some helpful information explaining how they differ.

Our Analysis

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Home Warranty

A Home Warranty covers the service, repair and/or replacement of designated systems and standard appliances within your home due to wear and tear or other related issues.

Home Warranties last for a predetermined period, usually a year.

Home Warranty companies sell home warranties.

Home Warranties typically cover air conditioning and heating systems, plumbing, water heaters, garbage disposals, washers and dryers, appliances, dishwashers, ovens, ranges, stovetops, and refrigerators.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance is a policy that financially protects you, your home and personal belongings after a covered event (like fire, wind, hail, falling object, etc.) causes a loss that is not excluded from your policy.

Homeowners Insurance does not cover wear and tear or lack of maintenance.

Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agents at The Whitlock Group sell Homeowners Insurance.

Homeowners Insurance typically safeguards your home’s structure, including roof and garage, covers personal possessions if damaged by a covered peril up to your limit and protects you if someone is hurt while at your home and you’re sued for damages.  

Our Actionable Advice

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Homeowners Insurance is always required by your lender. Home Warranties may be valuable but cover different items and are entirely optional.

The Big Takeaway

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The Whitlock Group has over 30 years of experience in Homeowners and Auto Insurance so you can be confident you are protected.

If you have questions about your current policy or would like a quote for Homeowners Insurance, please contact Kristi Flynn.

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