Incident Reports: You’d Rather Have One Than Need One

incident reports

At The Whitlock Group, we think about more than just a policy. Through demonstrated success with multiple clients from a variety of industries, our risk management and insurance audits have time and time again provided a safety net and financial security for our clients.

In our recent Case Study, we presented a prosperous, local Spa Company who decided that our FREE Insurance Audit was the right choice for their chain of business locations. Although their prior coverage was thought to be all-encompassing for their specific industry, after The Whitlock Group further investigated not only the coverage policies but also the entire company operations as a whole, we discovered 80% of the Spa’s current operations were uncovered. As a result, we not only found a coverage policy that was more fitting and beneficial for the organization but also developed an Incident Report for all locations and trained the staff on how to properly use these Incident Reports.

Soon after participating in our Insurance Audit, not only did this organization utilize our newly proposed incident report, but also used their Staff Incident Report Training to counter a faulty lawsuit.

Modern day spas offer a plethora of relaxing services ranging from massages and facial cleanses to acupuncture and steam rooms. As a result, they pull clients from every demographic and are expected to please them regardless of age, sex or gender. While a steam room is usually a fairly traditional aspect of the successful modern day spa, issues can arise surrounding them. For instance, if the steam room is functioning properly, they get steamy! An elderly client of this organization was planning to enjoy her time in the steam room but had trouble locating her seat due to the amount of steam that the room was producing. Unfortunately,  the client sat down assuming she was near a seat, but the only thing that was there to catch her was the steam room floor… thus leaving her injured.

As the Spa was previously trained to do during their client conferences with The Whitlock Group, they immediately located their incident report, interviewed the injured client, and MOST importantly,  interviewed the witness that was also enjoying the steam room.

Not too far into the future, the Spa’s injured client reached out to them about the lawsuit claiming the steam room was faulty and it obscured vision. While initially, the lawsuit was gaining traction, after consulting with their incident report AND receiving counseling from The Whitlock Group, a breakthrough in the case was made! Thanks to the Spa’s Whitlock Group counseling, both parties realized that if there was truly a witness on the personalized Incident Report who “saw the entire thing,” then the steam room did not truly obscure one’s vision. As a result, thanks in large part to The Whitlock Group Incident Report, training and post-incident consultation, the lawsuit was abandoned and the Spa organization is still reveling in their continued success in the industry.

While this is just one small aspect of our Risk Management and Counseling services that can save your organization time, money, and stress, it demonstrates more than that. We are more than just a policy provider; we are a partner that wants to protect you and help you grow in every way that we can in every step of your process!