WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER: Pregnancy Resource Center of Gwinnett


We’re detecting a pattern. After our Insurance Audit process, research, and consultations, we are saving our clients money on their premiums all the while providing more coverage. Take a look at our newest case study with The Pregnancy Resource Center of Gwinnett!

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Gwinnett (PRCG) is a Non-Profit Christian Organization ministering to the needs of individuals at risk of unintentional pregnancy. They offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD tests, peer counseling, referrals, and information/education/parenting classes. The pregnancy and STD tests are done through lab testing of urine (no blood is drawn) and if any test is positive, the client is then referred to an outside physician for treatment. As such, no medical services and/or procedures are performed at the Pregnancy Center. The ultrasound, although seemingly medical, is used only to confirm the patient’s pregnancy and not to offer additional diagnosis.  Additionally, through their PACE (Post Abortion Counseling and Education) program, women who have had at least one previous abortion are offered free support options. Throughout your experience with the Pregnancy Resource Center, their Patient Care Advocates and Nurses present information and encourage their clients to choose life.  For example, they refer clients to adoption agencies, OBGYN Physicians, and Health Departments for necessary services.

Although this may sound like a small operation, there is one part-time Physician, four part-time Nurses and Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, 16 Nurse Volunteers and forty general volunteers who perform counseling, data entry,  and receptionist duties. With the combination of roles, part-time and full, responsibilities, and medical industry thrown in, it’s easy to see why the PRCG’s insurance coverage could get complicated without the right counseling!

That’s where The Whitlock Group stepped in.  For their insurance policy, the PRCG was only covered under the umbrella of a church denomination and wanted to provide their own insurance.  Upon performing our unique Insurance Audit process, we identified numerous gaps in coverage, which we were able to address by providing options and adding coverage they did not previously have.

After identifying the coverage gaps, researching their options, and counseling them on their best course of action, we added Abuse & Molestation, Hired and Non-Owned Auto, and an improved Umbrella coverage! Previously to working with The Whitlock Group, the PRCG paid for a Medical Malpractice Policy for their Medical Director, who is also a physician.  After our review, we determined that the PRCG would be able to change the policy to a direct provider of Medical Malpractice Insurance for savings in their premium.

A Direct Provider deals directly with the insured party and bypasses their agent (The Whitlock Group).  Even though there was no direct benefit to us for providing this aspect of their coverage, we recommended the Direct Provider to the PRCG and functioned as the consultant in multiple joint conversations between the PRCG and the provider to ensure that the physician was covered and there were no duplications or gaps in coverage.  This is what you get when you have a partner and not an agent. We truly want what’s best for you, regardless of where we fit into the mix.

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