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Did you know . . .

  • In Georgia alone, 13,939 children are in the Foster Care System as of December 2017.
  • Gwinnett County has the 3rd highest total homeless population in the state of Georgia.
    • In May 2016, the Gwinnett County School system had approximately 1,943 known homeless students.
    • The average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
  • Children without a home are twice as likely as other children to experience hunger, to become sick with moderate to severe health problems, to repeat a grade, to be expelled, suspended or to drop out of school and fewer than 25% graduate from high school.
  • Of youth who “age out” of foster care:
    • 1 in 5 will become homeless after the age 18.
    • Less than 3% will earn a college degree.
    • 71% of young women will be pregnant by age 21.

One of our new clients, a non-profit Christian organization, faces challenges like these every day in counties across North Georgia. It provides foster care and limited adoption services; temporary housing and programs to assist families facing homelessness; and transitional and independent living programs to provide assistance to individuals aging out of the foster care system.

As is the case with most non-profits working with limited finances, an unexpected claim could significantly impact the bottom line of the organization and lead to disastrous results. The Whitlock Group works with non-profits to:

  • Assess their risks.
  • Mitigate those risks to the greatest extent that is practical.
  • Obtain insurance to help pay costs in the event of a claim.

We find our work most fulfilling when we are helping organizations and businesses that assist those in need, whether directly or indirectly. Because we are Advisors and Partners regarding insurance, we help our clients keep their focus on what they do best.

This particular non-profit organization was with another agent but was working through a significant location and organizational transition. This created the perfect opportunity to look at its current insurance and see if there was a better option for them.

We conducted a deep dive analysis of current coverages which involved data gathering, research and consultation. After this analysis, we were able to make recommendations for policy changes based on the needs we saw.

  • Our Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability recommendation increased their coverage and reduced their retention/deductible while reducing the premium.
  • We recommended a Cyber Policy which had much broader additional coverage with higher limits and lower deductibles.
  • We were able to help this non-profit save significantly on its Workers Compensation Policy.

In addition, our Insurance Audit revealed that the current Umbrella Policy had an abuse and molestation limitation endorsement. Our Umbrella recommendation did not have this limitation endorsement.

Overall, we were able to improve coverage and fill in gaps for this non-profit, all the while saving the organization money without cutting corners.

That’s what you get when you have a partner and not an agent.  We truly want what’s best for you!

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