Is Bigger Really Better? Not When Choosing an Insurance Agency!

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If bigger is better…

  • Then General Motors would not have lost the war on the minivan market.
  • Ivy Tech Community College in Central Indiana (81,668 enrollment-2016) would be a better education than Princeton University (8,226 enrollment-2016).
  • And China would have won the 2014 World Cup.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing the size of an insurance agency determine the quality of its service and products.

In 2016 and 2017, most all of our new clients came to The Whitlock Group from a large regional or national broker. Some had selected their prior agency based on premium, some on agency size, and some were tied to the agency due to banking or some other business relationship. However, they moved to The Whitlock Group because the large national and regional brokers did not have them insured appropriately.  

If bigger is better, then The Whitlock Group would not have found a chain of medical spas with coverage that excluded 25% of their operations, a printing operation rated as a plastics manufacturer, a mega church with no pastoral liability, or even a gun manufacturer with no products liability coverage. All of these are examples of clients that left a regional or national broker for the expertise of The Whitlock Group (you can find more examples on our website,

Just because an insurance agency represents a large number of insurance companies doesn’t mean you are getting the best deal. The fact of the matter is that every insurance policy is different and your agent must know your business operations thoroughly before quoting your insurance. At The Whitlock Group, we build professional relationships, know our clients’ operations well, and work to provide the best value, which means appropriate coverage for the best price.   

Let us show you that bigger isn’t better when choosing an insurance agency. Contact The Whitlock Group today to learn more about our insurance audit process or to request a quote.

Learn how our Insurance Audit not only proved that bigger isn’t better but also revealed gaps in coverage and saved our client a considerable amount in premiums in our case study with Dasan USA.