Saving Churches? All In A Day’s Work At The Whitlock Group


For the average consumer, insurance is tricky. There are multiple policies, providers, and everything in between! Unfortunately, unless you work with an honest agent and informative policy provider, then you will never truly know what your policy is actually covering. When you can work with your provider to ensure the majority of your operations are covered, waiting for specific situations to arise and then checking if your policy includes coverage is irresponsible! For a rapidly expanding local church, their policy was not as encompassing as they needed due to their rapid expansion and The Whitlock Group was able to save this organization from some potentially devastating circumstances!

When your business is growing so rapidly that you go from member counts in the 100’s to the 1000’s, a general rule of thumb is that your insurance policy should grow to match. While normally, your provider should be aware of your new needs and counsel you on how to proceed, for this specific church, this was unfortunately not the case. Considering that the insurance company that covered this church at the time ONLY writes churches, you would think the church’s prior provider would have a thing or two to say when it comes to church growth.

Luckily for this church, one of our newer insurance sales representatives, Leigh Ann Sweeney, has been focusing a lot of her efforts on churches and has learned a variety of valuable tips when it comes to overall church policy. Leigh Ann offered to provide the church with some quotes from The Whitlock Group and the church happily accepted! After researching the church’s policies and some behind the scenes paperwork, Leigh Ann’s analysis revealed a number of gaps in this church’s current coverage! After increasing the church’s current baseline coverage to compete with the best of the marketplace standards, the church now held new and improved coverage policies in general liability, crime, cyber liability, abuse and molestation, nursery and childcare, and even an overarching umbrella policy. Not only were we at The Whitlock Group able to increase their overall coverage, but we were also able to SAVE THEM MONEY by gathering accurate payroll information and offering them a new provider for their worker’s compensation policy.

The Whitlock Group strives to be more than just an Insurance Agency. We put in the effort to become your partner. Unfortunately, today’s standard is to provide the policy and extend no additional effort. The fact that this church never heard from the prior agent is only one example! The Whitlock Group is unique in this aspect in that we strive for constant contact options, open communication lines between our partners, and actively consult with our clients on their journey.