10 Fall Home Maintenance Tips from Whitlock!

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

  1. Clean the gutters and down spouts every fall and spring.
  2. Check your roof and siding.
  3. Prune your trees and shrubs.
  4. Rake the leaves.
  5. Clean and cover your patio furniture.
  6. Disconnect the garden hose.
  7. Have your fireplace inspected and cleaned.
  8. Recaulk windows.
  9. Have your furnace serviced and change filters.
  10. Change batteries on fire alarms and CO detectors every fall and spring.

Fall is a great time to review your Homeowners Insurance coverage to make sure nothing has changed, and ensure you are ready for potential winter problems.  

If you would like us to evaluate your Homeowners Insurance for potential gaps in coverage, please contact Kristi at kflynn@twgins.net