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Bigger Isn’t Always Better When it Comes to Insurance

insurance Insuring your business is a decision that can’t be taken lightly. While choosing to go with a larger national broker that’s well known may sound like a good idea, smaller agencies can offer you the personalized service you won’t find with a national broker, as...
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Who Likes Coffee? We Do!

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.20.56 AM Phoenix Roasters is a coffee roastery that roasts, packages, and sells coffee from Central America for a good cause. They are a Christian organization using coffee to make a positive impact on countless lives across the world. They describe their unique...
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Saving Churches? All In A Day’s Work At The Whitlock Group

Case_Study_Graphic_Church For the average consumer, insurance is tricky. There are multiple policies, providers, and everything in between! Unfortunately, unless you work with an honest agent and informative policy provider, then you will never truly know what your policy is actually covering. When you can work with your provider...
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Incident Reports: You’d Rather Have One Than Need One

  Case_Study_Graphic_Incident_Report At The Whitlock Group, we think about more than just a policy. Through demonstrated success with multiple clients from a variety of industries, our risk management and insurance audits have time and time again provided a safety net and financial security for our clients. In our recent Read more

Medical Insurance Policies: Reading Between the Lines

Case_Study_Graphic_Med_PracticeSM   The stark reality of the medical industry is that sometimes having an insurance policy for your practice doesn’t mean all of your operations are protected. It’s startling to think that even the most seasoned medical practices may have gaps in their coverage that can mean the...
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The Real Time Value of an Insurance Audit

It’s no secret that the word “insurance” gives most business owners an uneasy feeling. Often perceived as a commodity, insurance policies and risk management services can cause anxiety and the urgency to just get some kind of protection in place so and move on without concern. The need for this must-have element typically results in...
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Many individuals shop for their homeowners insurance with only one thing in mind: finding the lowest price. Without the proper advice, those individuals will likely settle with cheap insurance that has several coverage gaps and limitations.LEARN MORE >


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With a team of certified Risk Managers, Loss Control Representatives, and Client Service Professionals, The Whitlock Group offers services that lower insurance costs, close gaps not covered by insurance, and improve efficiencies.LEARN MORE >